Dead Haven – Announced

We are proud to announce we have started work on Dead Haven. A free-to-play social 2D zombie MMO. The premise of the game is you play as a survivor in a city. You must explore the city, loot and kill zombies to find food, water, and earn experience. You will be able to claim a safe house in any building in the city. You can then customize the building to your liking. Adding furniture, entertainment, and defenses. You will also be able to open your safe house to players to come hang out and help defend the safe house. The entire game is persistent multiplayer. There will be a PvE and PvP server to support both styles of play. PvE servers will have a PvP area.

You will be able to play as a zombie as well and attack other players. The game is made to be a social MMO. Text will display over the users head as they talk.

Please follow this website for more information and follow us on social media:

Twitter – @DrennanSoftware

Facebook – @DrennanSoftware

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