Dead Haven Alpha Screenshots & New Version

We have been working hard on updates for Dead Haven. We have started the process of updating the graphics and touching up some features.

  • New sprites/tiles
  • Updated GUI
  • Added more features to construction (non-operational at the moment, but you can view the windows by pressing “G” in game
  • Updated Login Screen
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to NPCs

We still have a lot to add and fix, but check out the below screenshots!

You can play the current live alpha version of the game at:

As always please remember this is not the final version of the game and we are still far off from finishing. The game does not have a load screen yet, so you may see a blank or black screen. Please give it a few minutes to load up. We are operating the game on a potato server at the moment.

New login screen
Roaming NPC with zombie
Player within a building
Player and NPC
New construction window
New construction window
New quest window
Player, NPC, and Zombie
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